About Us

Connected relationships when integrally implemented with principled leadership result in high-performing cultures.

Our business is dedicated to helping organizations (for profit or not for profit) develop or sustain a high performing culture. These organizations are characterized by:

  • Staff retention rates that exceed 90%
    • Personnel who:
      • Are loyal to their organization
      • Practice connected communication among people and between departments
      • Trust each other
      • Would talk with someone before they talk about someone with negative information
      • Resolve conflict while maintaining personal and professional relationships

We help organizations overcome internal challenges such as:

  • “We just can’t seem to get along with each other.”
    • “This organization has a toxic environment.”
    • “Some of my people are not performing at their full potential.”
    • “Our meetings are largely a waste of time.”
    • “I feel like I am pigeon-holed in my position and no one appreciates my ideas.”

We employ the DISC method of assessing personal strengths through our Personality Insights, Inc. and PeopleKeys certifications along with our leadership and coaching certifications through the John Maxwell Company to help organizations reach and sustain their full potential.

We use a roundtable leadership assessment and an organizational discovery process to identify where to focus and achieve the greatest impact of our coaching, teaching, and consulting benefits.

HOW WE DO IT: I employ a proprietary method to assess your current work culture and compare that with your strategic goals.

WHY IT WORKS: I partner with you to ensure the effective fulfillment of the Information, Application, Implementation, and Transformation execution.

WHO WE WORK WITH: I partner with the President, CEO, C-Suite, VP, HR, Program Managers, and entrepreneurs.

WHY IT MATTERS: Business growth is a result of people knowing they belong to an organization.

WHY WORK WITH US: You and your organization matter. I leverage my 22 years Air Force fighter pilot, command, and an equal amount of industry experience to advance people and organizations throughout the US and internationally. With significant global operational experience, I understand the complexities of business work while having the unique ability to relate effectively with those across all work disciplines.