About us

Helping others achieve their maximum potential through genuine relationships of care and mentoring. That is the story of our lives. We want to pass our experience forward.

We were each raised on a dairy farm. Marty in Indiana and Ron in Maryland. The work ethic of helping each other achieve their goals (i.e., chores as assigned) as a team is part of our lifestyle.

Our life satisfaction is advancing organizations and businesses by helping people achieve maximum efficiency and productivity by having a high-performance culture. This is a culture where people are wholly satisfied with their work culture that edifies each employee and advances each other’s strengths and talents. Those who work in a high-performance work culture have a high probability of going home happy and returning happy to a satisfying work environment. Similarly, if we can help establish and sustain a high-performance home environment, employees will have a greater propensity to return to work happy.

Ron and Marty were each mentored by very unassuming people. While these people were not functioning “officially” in a mentoring role, they were meeting a need to our respective need for increased self-confidence. That was being accomplished through unconditional acceptance. Each of our respective mentors seemed to inherently know our strengths without having completed an assessment. Through an effective relationship, trust, respect, and confidence was established. Trust was the foundational virtue that established a lasting, genuine relationship. This trust gave each of us the confidence we could live life being genuine without any threat of abandonment or feeling that our weaknesses/limitations would be reason to discontinue our relationship. Through this experience, we know the value of trust and acceptance in helping people overcome obstacles that can impede success. Further, we know that significance inherently has a focus on helping others achieve their life success goals.

Advancing others to help them reach their maximum potential can be accomplished through groups of like-minded people who share common values and disciplines/principles, tailored individual life pattern coaching, leadership teaching, and adapting to personality styles. High-performance cultures integrate each of these methods into a very disciplined, intentional learning environment. We know that anything that happens quickly or through happenstance has a propensity to be short-lived. Those things done with intention through a disciplined growth plan have a much higher probability of being sustained for a long term. Those companies and organizations that are intentional about achieving high performance work cultures implement a long-term plan with a focus on adding value to people which, in turn, will increase profits and productivity while achieving high employee morale.

Ron devoted 22 years to his country by serving in the U.S. Air Force as a commander and F-4 fighter pilot after which he continues to serve in the defense industry. Marty served her country through 36 years of federal employment working covert intelligence. Their passion is to share their positive experiences with other principle-based businesses and organizations.

So, what are some of our attributes/differentiators that “brand” us?

    • Mindset – How a person thinks will determine everything about his/her success. There is a difference in thinking processes between successful and unsuccessful people.
    • Trust – A confidence to share our convictions and weaknesses knowing there is a kindred bond between us.
    • Respect – A healthy regard for others that is earned though living a Godly, principled lifestyle.
    • Confidence – Having a healthy regard for ourselves because of who God is making us to be while boldly sharing God’s traits in us with others.
    • Courage – A desire and willingness to operate outside of our comfort zone. A risk taker. People will follow a person of courage even though that person does not clearly know the path to the desired destination.
    • Care – A genuine compassion to identify and meet the needs of others.
    • Selflessness – The confidence in ourselves allows us to think first of the welfare of others.
    • Proactivity – Proactive people want to add value to people’s lives. We refuse to be passive in our homes, church, school, and work place. Positive character traits characterize me.
    • Thinking – Be a critical thinker. We operate on the cause and effect scale meaning that we always want to determine the root cause of any given effect/action. Did we make a good decision based on all of the facts and factors?

Differentiators. We will outlast any “competition” even though we might not win every “battle.” We are driven to make an intentional significance in the lives in whom we invest ourselves.

And, finally, we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on September 7, 2018. Let’s share our experience of how two very diverse personalities can last this long!