Consulting Provider

Much of what we do and the quality of our relationships is largely personality dependent. Some of us are perceived to be “Type A” driven for success and/or always having to take control. Some are more driven to be the “life of the party” while others are very much “behind the scenes” type person willing to support others. Another type personality is the very studious one who like to thoroughly analyze information before making a decision.

Nothing is inherently wrong with any personality type/style. Whether we can get along together IS largely dependent on whether we choose to know who we are then adapt to others once we know who they are.

Learning to adapt to others to get along better with each other is a listening skill. The other aspect is a willingness to adapt to others.

Work relationships, marriages, dating, business partnerships, and any type relationship is largely dependent on personality styles and learning what is inherent in each personality type. Some families and work environments are defined as dysfunctional to some degree. In nearly every case, the root cause of the dysfunctionality is not accepting another person because of their personality and/or habits. We must be aware of who we are so we can beware of how others might perceive us.

While this might seem complex, it is very simple in its fundamental makeup. It merely requires a general acceptance that personality traits frequently determine the quality of our relationships. If I have a work environment in which employees/workers are happy, there is a reasonable possibility they will arrive home happy and/or satisfied. Similarly, if the home environment is vibrant where relationships are genuinely healthy, there is a good possibly my employees/workers will arrive happy at the work place. Relationships is a continuum that affects the mindset either positively or negatively. Our goal is to establish and maintain a very positive environment where relationships are mutually edifying and meaningful.

Here is what we offer to stimulate

  • Basic personality style identification and application
  • Intermediate personality style application and leadership clues and cues
  • Marriage consulting
    • I am glad I am married to you (tailored to lesser experienced marriages)
    • I am still glad I am married to you (tailored to mature marriages)
  • Jesus Seminar – A session where faith-based people can learn how Jesus adapted Himself to various situations by adapting his personality.