Leadership Speaking

Know your audience, the culture in which they work, and what they expect. A great speaker communicates well by effectively interrelating with the audience. Ron interacts with the audience to get to know people personally then adapts his presentations accordingly. Ron’s speaking engagements are personally tailored and customized to the audience to meet their needs. Commencement addresses, work ethic principles, company off-site focus group sessions, and dream building/goal setting sessions are representative of the venues for which he has spoken. Ron’s central purpose in speaking is to inspire people to greater focus with meaningful long-term action. Ron has worked with many organizations from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Ron articulates customized presentations to inform, entertain, and advance high performance cultures in which people value and edify each other.

Representative topics include:

 Do not accept being average

 Always exceed expectations

 Genuine Relationships — The core value of team work

 Do you really know me?

 Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

 Becoming a Person of Influence

 Put Your Dreams to the Test

 Leadership Gold

 Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

 REAL Leadership

 15 Laws of Personal Growth

 Leadership Transition

 Today Matters

 Developing the Leaders Around You

Contact us for more information at (410) 586–1875 or ron@thecooperculture.com

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